Health and wellness is a cornerstone of Sister to Sister International.  We promote healthy lifestyles and weave health literacy into all of our programming.  Our longest running signature program – the one that we instituted almost 20 years ago is our Health Symposium, which has now grown into a Healthy Weekend Extravaganza.  We have also, implemented a “Sisters Beating the Odds & Claiming Wellness Campaign” and Booklet for the past nine years. The tag line for the campaign that promotes health screenings is “Knowing Your Stats is where it’s At!”

STSI has also been in the fore-front of advocacy related to the elimination of health disparities and health care reform in the United States. We not only supported the adoption of the Affordable Care Act, but sponsor educational forums to ensure that the public is appraised on how to access services.  We work with physicians and various community stakeholders to break down the barriers related to access to health services for women and families of color, while  re-inforcing self-empowerment and responsibility.

We have also taken this message into area church’s and have had a significant impact working with our faith based partners like the Kingdom Christian Cultural Center, where many parishioners have become healthy role models in the church, their families and communities.

Healthy Weekend Extravaganza (Past 20 Years) Healthy Road show (Friday) Health Screenings, Fitness Workshops & Activities;

Health Symposium (Saturday) Health Literacy Workshops, Affordable Care Act, Meet the Health Practitioner, Business Expo, Healthy Lifestyle Choices; Spiritual Service (Sunday) Kingdom Christian Cultural Center – Health Speakers, Health Screenings & Healthy Snacks;

“Sisters Beating the Odds & Claiming Wellness: Knowing Your Stats is Where It’s At!”

A signature campaign – now in its 9th year that encourages women of color to “Know their Stats” by getting key health screenings;

Eliminating Health Disparities & Implementing Health Care Reform

STSI works with many partners and implements multi-faceted strategies to eliminate health disparities globally and was a strong advocate for the Affordable Care Act and health care reform;

Faith Based Initiative (Kingdom Christian Cultural Center)

Health Literacy Initiative between Sister to Sister International & Kingdom Christian Cultural Center, funded by a grant from the Westchester Community Foundation; The focus includes physical activity, enhanced nutrition and healthy cooking and health screenings.